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Edenvale carpet CleanersMy name is Jonathan Jenkinson, and I am the proud owner of Chem Dry Edenvale / Bedfordview since 2004.

I have over 15 years experience with Chem-Dry, working with several franchises since 1997.

My sole goal at Chem-Dry is to offer all of our new and existing clients, whether residential or commercial, with the highest standards of service and work satisfaction by using only the best trained technicians and industry leading products available.

Our motto at Chem-dry Edenvale is, if marks or spots come back, then so do we! Chem-Dry Edenvale is part of a multi franchise organisation that is operated centrally. The main benefit we offer at Chem-Dry Edenvale is the quickest and most hassle free service in the industry.

Whether our clients require a quote, delivery of a retail product, an on-site cleaning service or in some cases an emergency flood water extraction, one of Chem-Dry Edenvale’s teams will assist you as soon as possible. Chem-Dry Edenvale is forever trying to better the service and cleaning needs.

Chem-Dry Edenvale has been servicing homes and businesses at the highest level possible for the past 9 years. Our main goal at Chem-Dry is to keep our existing and new client base happy by offering an unbeatable and ever changing process to achieve the highest cleaning standards possible.

Flood Restoration

We provide flood damage restoration using the most advanced machinery available and anti-microbial and fungicidal treatments. This service can limit and in most cases prevent permanent water damage and neutralise unpleasant odours associated with water damage.

We have won the national retail sales award every year since 2010, thus keeping you our valued customers satisfied and stain free between professional cleaning services.

ChemDry Edenvale

Latest News

Specialised Chem-Dry processes to remove and restore water damage to both carpets and upholstery. Anti-Microbial and brown-out treatments to reverse bacteria growth and browning damage caused by excessive amounts of water.

Chem-Dry offers second to none Oriental & Woolen Rug Deep Cleaning & Protecting, now with an added pet urine odour removal treatment.